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Each student is provided a tuition-free experience defined by 11 hours of academic rigor a day, 11 months a year. This extended program allows teachers additional time to teach and influence students both inside and outside of the classroom and creates a “brotherhood” among our students.


Covenant School of Bridgeport offers a comprehensive and unique learning experience that prepares students for the rigors of high school and college.  Highlights of our academic program include:

  • Class sizes of 15 students.

  • A challenging academic curriculum that includes language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, technology and world religions.

  • A program that includes character and leadership development, along with music, theater and art classes that culminate in performances each semester.


The academic program at Covenant School of Bridgeport emphasizes hard work, dedication, and achievement.  The Covenant student is inspired to attain the following four measurable GOALS:

  • He will achieve at his highest level, as measured by effort and assessment in his classes and improvement on his M.A.P. testing.

  • He will be accepted into a selective high school or specialized high school program.

  • He will graduate from high school in four years.

  • He will graduate from a four-year college or specialized post-high school program

Extended-Day & -Week

Extending beyond academics, we address the physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual needs of the students; and develop the growth of the student in all areas.   After the academic day ends at 3:30 pm, Covenant School requires its students to participate in extra-curricular activities for two hours on Mondays through Thursdays in the form of Study Hall, Clubs and Sports.   Students also return on two Saturdays per month for additional programming.

Covenant School of Bridgeport supplements a school year’s worth of education with a required summer session.  Plans are underway for a summer month in 2023 when faculty, staff and students return for four weeks of classes, field trips, and a comprehensive service-learning program.  The day includes morning classes in math and English Language Arts.  The afternoons are devoted to theme-based expeditionary learning adventures. 

Graduate Support

Summer Program

Covenant School continues its commitment to the education of its graduates through its Graduate Support Program. CSB’s Graduate Support Program is designed to ensure that graduates successfully complete high school and prepare themselves for college.  The program partners with the parents of our graduates to ensure stability, accountability and motivation for students once they graduate from Covenant School.

Our program is designed to assist students, parents and guardians with choosing a “right fit” high school as they prepare to depart CSB. To help families prepare for this important transition, our services begin for students in the seventh grade by increasing their awareness of high school options (including area private and Catholic schools, boarding schools, and public magnet and charter schools) and helping students and families determine realistic and appropriate high school choices.

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