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Covenant School Bridgeport, a private tuition-free middle school, educates boys of different races, ethnic groups, and religions, from families of limited economic means. Covenant School empowers its students to become agents of transformation in their families, communities, and society. 


Covenant School students are engaged in an eight-period day, including recess and lunch.  All students are enrolled in English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, science, religion, Spanish, and the arts.

A member of the national NativityMiguel Coalition, we make a 12-year commitment to each student, from the time they arrive in the fifth grade to their graduation from college.  Our small class sizes, extended school day, extended school year, and individual attention help students make significant academic gains, preparing them for high schools that lead them to college.

Building Community

My NativityMiguel school "could not have been a more special place and I could not be more grateful for the opportunities and doors that this place opened for me." I teach there now because, "I thought about all the time, sacrifice and effort my teachers at Covenant put into making me the best possible version of myself." 

Alex Arango, Covenant Prep 2010, Avon Old Farms, 2015, Eastern CT State U 2020


Covenant School employs teachers and administrators who are dedicated to the growth and well-being of our students.

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Covenant School seeks to build partnerships with local schools, parishes, organizations, and businesses. 

Parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to volunteer and provide their input at the Parent Council meetings.  The school greatly values family input and participation in its programming throughout the year.


The NativityMiguel Model
50 Years of Educational Service that is helping
to break the cycle of poverty through education

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The NativityMiguel model was created in 1971 with the establishment of a small school in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to fulfill the needs of a poor neighborhood by providing quality, tuition-free education to low-income children who demonstrated the discipline and desire to learn in a challenging academic environment. The school was rigorously structured to prepare its graduates for admittance to area private and Catholic high schools, and ultimately became the inspiration for other educators seeking to provide an outstanding education to inner-city students. Today there are more than 70 schools based on the NativityMiguel model, serving over 5,500 low-income students in 28 states and Canada.

NativityMiguel Schools in New England

St. Martin de Porres, New Haven, CT                      Covenant Prep, Hartford, CT
Grace Academy, Hartford, CT                                  Trinity Academy, Hartford, CT

Epiphany School, Boston, MA                                  Mother Caroline Academy, Boston, MA

Nativity Preparatory School, Boston, MA                 Nativity School of Worcester, MA 

Nativity Prep of New Bedford, MA                            Sophia Academy, New Bedford, MA 

Bellesini Academy, Lawrence, MA                            Esperanza Academy, Lawrence, MA

Our Sisters Academy, Providence, RI                       San Miguel Academy, Providence, RI



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