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1. What is the school size and class size?

We are intentionally small with 15-16 students per class; 60-64 boys total.

2. What is the student/teacher ratio?

The student/teacher ratio is 7:1.

3. Where will graduates attend high school?

Covenant School of Bridgeport is designed to prepare young men for entry into private high schools. Graduates will often receive invitations to attend local private day schools and some to boarding schools, while others may opt for local magnet or charter schools.

4. What activities do you offer?

Covenant School will offer a wide range of activities during the extended-day and Saturday field trips:

 Athletics (Soccer, Track & Field, Golf, Basketball, Baseball,  Lacrosse)

 Clubs (Public Speaking, Drama, Photography, Chess, Culinary arts, Debate, and many more!)


5. What grades are you accepting applications?

We accept applications for students entering grade five and six for the 2023-24 school year.

6. What kind of student does Covenant School seek to enroll?

We seek to enroll students from the city of Bridgeport who qualify for the Federal Free- and Reduced-Lunch Program. These students, and their families, must be motivated and willing to accept the challenges of our extensive academic and extended -day, week, and year- program.

7. Is Covenant School religiously affiliated with a church or denomination?

Covenant School is an independent, non-denominational, yet inter-faith school. The day begins with a daily general assembly, known as the Circle of Peace and Respect, that includes prayer from many faith traditions. Our students will take classes in ethics, morals and comparative religion.

8. Are students at Covenant School of various faiths?

Students come from a variety of faith and non-faith backgrounds.

9. How do I apply to Covenant School?

In order to attend Covenant School, you must fill out an application packet or directly request the forms by calling 203-292-1010. In addition to filling out the application forms, you are required to take an entrance exam and schedule an interview.

10. Are entrance exams required for admission?

All applicants are required to take our Entrance Exam to be considered for admission.


11. Is Financial Aid available?

Covenant School is tuition free; however, we do require a $10 Activity Fee payable each month during the academic year.


12. When will I know if my son has been accepted?

The admissions teams will interview the parent and the student, review teacher recommendations, and inform parents in June. 

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